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Semper Fi

Poetry by Ivan and Rosario Villaluz

What is Semper Fi

Semper Fi, “Always Faithful,” is a collection of verses and poems about faith, hope, love, and how these three values matter in the journey of life. 

Ivan and Rosario Villaluz authored the book together with Ayo Gutierrez as the editor and Ssareeta Singh as the artist.

Who should read this book

Semper Fi is best for all ages. Whether you are struggling with life or just want to enjoy everything it has to offer, this book is best for you.

This book is also recommended for couples. People who lost hope and lack faith must read this.

What are the reviews on Semper Fi

Semper Fi is rated 5/5 on Amazon. See what these readers are saying about this book:

About the Authors and the Book

At the prime of their youth
Their paths once crossed
It was just short-lived
They pursue different routes

Beyond the future unknown
He struggled with his faith
Oftentimes on the brink
Yet preserved it, he remains

She’s got fair share of tastes of fate
And a series of tests of faith,
At times beyond her strength
Without fear even from death

Both wrestle with their co-existence
While taking roads winding and diverse
He was praying for one true love to come
She was praying for only one man to love

And when the stars in the heavens collide
Both got most of the stardusts in their hair
Somewhere down the road less trodden
Their paths crossed all over again

What are the chances they will meet?
It is almost nil, they concede
But can’t discount what destiny creates
When Someone Divine orchestrates

Everything falls into its place
Amazing fates and coincidences!
With overwhelming love and faith
They sealed a lifetime promise

To love and to behold
In their youth till old
To love and to cherish
In prosperity and austerity

When the storm is at its tempest
Embracing the worst and the best
Oblivious of what tomorrow brings
As long as they hold their hands

And as these two souls valiantly face
With exuding love, hope and faith
The beaming rays of the rising sun
The waning sunlit of the setting sun

Nothing will never go wrong
While holding each other’s hand
Keeping the faith from above
And rejoicing unrivaled love

Fate has its share of twists and sweet coincidences
These two souls revel in weaving poetry at its best
Poems after poems carefully gathered over the years
Gave birth to one perfect collaboration

Finally wrap it up into this book poems and verses.
Semper Fi
a collection of poetry about faith, hope and love
and how these three matter especially in times of afflictions

came into being.

Behind Charitales and Semper Fi

While Rosario deals with figures and spreadsheets, Ivan endures the noise and laughter of his pupils, in the exigency of their sworn duty for the State. 

In between, the couple dabbles in poetry and free verses.  Rosario guest writes on the book, Bards from the Far East: Anthology of Haiku and Kindred Verses.  They live in the Philippines with their two daughters who are also budding poets.

Ivan and Rosario Villaluz of Semper Fi and Charitales

About the Editor

Ayo Gutierrez pens her art in the Philippines. Her poems have been published in more than 15 books sold on Amazon and other online platforms.

She is the author of Yearnings, Evocare, among others, and co-author of the Amazon bestseller Almost is the Same as Never Second Edition. Ayo owns GMGA Entertainment Productions and GMGA Publishing.

About the Artist

Ssareeta Singh of India writes under the name Sherry. She is an educator and author of an upcoming book and two anthologies. Also, she is a certified super brain trainer by the world’s #1 brain coach, Jim Kwik.