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Semper Fi

Awaken your emotions and experience the beauty of life with Semper Fi, a collection of poems and verses about hope, faith, and love. Whether you are struggling with life or just want to enjoy everything it has to offer, this book is perfect for you.

“Then and there, I found peace and might. Even on a dark and stormy night.”

Ivan and Rosario Villaluz, Authors

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Our Latest Book You Will Surely Love

Semper Fi

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Get a copy of this book and know how faith, hope, and love affect our journey in life. It’s a collection of verses and poems to remind us that love, in whatever form it comes in, is essential in every aspect of our lives.

The book tells us that faith gives us strength in times of weakness and lights our path during darkness. Similarly, hope serves as a buffer against the negative impact of unfortunate events.

Get a copy of this book and change your perspectives in life!

Reviews and Testimonials

“Semper Fi is a wonderful collection of poems and verses that have inspired and awaken my emotions to the very core. The authors Ivan and Rosario Villaluz speak their emotions through rhythmic ways of playing with words just like a lullaby that offers comfort to my weary soul and inspire my cheerful heart. The likeness of their emotions to mine makes me gullible to be always faithful.”

Marcela Barandog

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“The words flipping thru the pages, I felt like each poetry has its own life. Some have painted a smile on my face like the cute short stories of summer and quite a few pages made me weep. I admire how they both shared their personal stories and struggles which could be my and anybody’s story too. Having this book is like owning a piece of beautiful fabric, worthy to keep and share at the same time.”


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I am not really a fan of poetry until I read Semper Fi. Kudos to Ivan and Rosario Villaluz for their creative masterpieces. The poems and verses taught me that no matter what lies ahead, faith gives us hope and remind us for something better.

Regie Baoy

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“The play of words used in every line tugs at the heart. Enjoy every word as you progress at every poetry. “Endless Love” will make you fall in love with your significant other, all over again.”

Edellen Reyes

Direct Response Copywriter